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Tomato 8 To 8 Sauce
Tomato Green Chilli Sauce
Tomato Red Chilli Sauce
Tomato Soyabean Sauce
Tomato Tomato Plus
Tomato Vinegar
Tomato Worcestershire





In cooking, a sauce is liquid or sometimes semi-solid food served on or used in preparing other foods. Sauces are not normally consumed by themselves; they add flavor, moisture, and visual appeal to another dish. Sauce is a French word taken from the Latin salsus, meaning salted. Sauces need a liquid component, but some sauces (for example, pico de gallo salsa or chutney) may contain more solid elements than liquid. Sauces are an essential element in cuisines all over the world.

Sauces may be ready made sauces, usually bought, such as soy sauce, or freshly prepared by the cook; such as Béchamel sauce, which is generally made just before serving. Sauces for salads are called salad dressing. Sauces made by deglazing a pan are called pan sauces. A cook who specializes in making sauces is a saucier


Green Chilli Sauce Green Chilli Sauce
12 X 700 gm.
24 X 200 gm.
Green chilli sauce Piquant sauce made from green chilli, with spices, vinegar, and salt. Similar to tomato ketchup but containing more green chilli.
Red Chilli Sauce Red Chilli Sauce
12 X 700 gm.
24 X 200 gm.
This is adapted from a Thai style red curry paste, keep some in the fridge and add a teaspoon to your next dish for a taste of the orient.
Vinegar Non Fruit Vinegar
12 X 700 gm.
24 X 200 gm.
Vinegar is a versatile liquid that results from the fermentation of ethanol. The key ingredient of vinegar is acetic acid, which gives it an acidic taste. While there may be additions of other kinds of acid like tartaric acid and citric acid, the typical pH of vinegar ranges anywhere from 2 to 3.5, although the store-bought kind usually measures 2.4. In food preparation procedures, it is a multi-purpose product as an ingredient and condiment. Outside of cooking, vinegar has medicinal, household cleaning, and agricultural applications.
Soyabean Sauce Soyabean Sauce
12 X 700 gm.
24 X 200 gm.
Soy sauce originated in China 2,500 years ago. Soy sauce is produced by fermenting soybeans with Aspergilla soya and Aspergillums soya molds along with roasted grain, water, and salt. It is used in traditional East and Southeast Asian cuisines, but also appears in modern Western cuisine and prepared foods.
8 To 8 Sauce 8 To 8 Sauce
24 X 200 gm.
8 to 8 Sauce is a date-based sauce which also includes other ingredients like Raisins & Tamarind. It is used mostly for Chinese cooking but could also be used as a dipping sauce for Indian snacks. A spoon of our 8 to 8 sauce is enough to add a rich and tangy flavor to your meal.
Continental Sauce Tomato Sauce
12 X 1 kg.
A tomato sauce is any of a very large number of sauces made primarily out of tomatoes, and vegetable pulp usually to be served as part of a dish. Tomato sauces are common for meat and vegetables, but they are perhaps best known as sauces for pasta dishes. Tomatoes have a rich flavor, low liquid content, very soft flesh which breaks down easily, and the right composition to thicken up into a sauce when they are cooked.
Worchester Sauce Worcestershire
24 X 200 gm.
Worcestershire sauce(WOOS-ter-sheer saws), or Worcester Sauce is a fermented liquid condiment flavouring used especially with grilled or barbecued meats. It is also used in cocktails and drinks.
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